Small-sized classes, with a maximum of 20 participants.
Immediate learning points, with a clear goal for real results.
Encouraging active participation and interactive discussion.

We conduct our workshops in a conducive and comfortable setting.


  • 4-hour introductory session
  • 8-hour introductory session
  • 16-hour (2 weekends) workshop
  • 20-hour (5 weekdays) workshop

Our Workshops Include

All attendees are expected to present at the end of the longer workshops, putting knowledge acquired to actual practice, so that our trainers can assess each individual’s progress and performance. We aim to empower and transform our participants.

At Pure Talents, we rely on years of rich media experience as well as award-winning methods of teaching and training.

Corporate communicators – come and be transformed! Learn to speak with confidence and present yourself with poise and charm, simply, by being a better you.

Aspiring emcees – learn from veterans! Walk down a smoother path and hear about the skills required, the mistakes made and the opportunities available.

Eager students – add value to your education! Enrich your portfolio with this extra curricular activity, gain confidence and discover your talents.

Let our Pure Talents workshops guide you to discover your potential and build upon your strengths and unique personality.


Presenting On Stage (2-Day Training Workshop)
Conducted by Danny Yeo
9 & 10 Dec 2017 (Sat & Sun), 10am-6pm

Training Workshop on Work Ethics and Empathy
Conducted by Koh Hui Ling for IP Academy
18 Dec 2017 (Mon), 2pm – 6pm

Hosting On Stage

Where can professional or aspiring hosts go for training?

Earnest learners seek to improve. Practicing professionals also need to develop.
Where do you go for undivided attention, unconditional help and honest feedback?

In a dog-eat-dog environment, most might not choose to share for fear that if someone becomes better, then available opportunities are lesser.

Ancient pugilistic masters may teach only 9 out of 10 known techniques, to ensure that they will always be 1 step ahead of their disciples. But abilities will thus be much diminished over generations.

In order to grow, we must share our skills, knowledge and experience.
When others become better, we will be spurred to improve ourselves.

We believe in giving, and giving more to those who will receive.

You will learn about:

How do you assess your audience in any setting?
What can you do to connect with your audience?

How do you claim the performance space to be yours?
What can you do to shine and excel every single time?

How do you stay alert and react to any situation?
What are some of the pitfalls to look out for?


Presenting On Stage (2-Day Training Workshop)
Conducted by Danny Yeo
Hear what participants have to say!

Workshop at Maris Stella High School on Bilingual Hosting Skills, 12 & 13 Nov 2015
Workshop at SAFRA Radio Power 98 on Events Hosting/Presenting Onstage, 10 & 23 May 2015
Workshop at Maris Stella High School on Events Hosting Onstage, 28 & 29 Oct 2014
Workshop at SAFRA Radio JIA 88.3 on Hosting and Presenting Onstage, 19 & 26 Oct 2014
Lecture at Pioneer Junior College on Media, Culture and Living, 9 Apr 2014

Speaking In Public

Ability to speak well… nature or nurture?

We all know that first impression counts. And good impressions have to last.
But what can you do to impress?

The one ability that you can control – believe it you can – is your manner of presenting yourself. Perhaps more than a manner… it’s your own style… an identity.

Many will equip you with skills.
We want to bring out what you already have and develop those talents.

To be able to present confidently, effectively and eloquently.

This is BOTH innate and acquired. We know.

You will learn about:

How is communicative language used differently?
How do you write and script in simple language?

What are some appropriate props?
What can you really do with presentation software?

Why do you fear presenting and how do you overcome it?
What are some of the most basic skills which others overlook?


Lecture at Maris Stella High School on Presentation Skills, 27 Oct 2014
Lecture at NUS Dept of Communications and New Media on Public Speaking, 21 Mar 2014
Lecture at Hua Yi Secondary School on Speech Communications and Media, 13 Mar 2013

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