Quirky Singapore Chinese Phrases Talk 趣味新加坡华语用词
organised by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 新加坡华族文化中心
supported by Lianhe Zaobao and UFM1003
Singapore Press Holdings News Centre Auditorium
11 Jun 2016 (Sat), 2pm – 4.30pm

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre held their very first forum talk at the SPH News Centre Auditorium, with the support of Lianhe Zaobao and UFM1003.

Pure Talents founder Danny Yeo (Yang Junwei) was invited by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre to speak at this event which saw a turnout of about 250 guests. The three speakers explored how Singapore’s style of Mandarin had developed in a complex environment.

Local radio celebrity, Lin Peifen, shared about her personal experience with standardised Mandarin and local lingua, as well as her immersion trip to China where different terms were used. Zaobao senior reporter, Lin Fangwei spoke about his 10-year-old column which featured the most current online terms and definitions.

Local media personality Yang Junwei presented topics covering Chinglish or Singnese, his rich experience in different media fields, and about empowering Singaporeans with their own local identity.

The moderator for the talk was Dr Tan Chee Lay, Executive Director of Singapore Centre for Chinese Language.

Most of the audience stayed back for a lively exchange of interesting ideas and opinions too.

More information about this event at www.singaporeccc.org.sg/quirky-singapore-chinese-phrases-talk
More about Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre at www.singaporeccc.org.sg

Subsequently, Danny Yeo and Professor Chua Chee Lay were also invited onto Channel 8’s evening drive time show to share about the same topic with television viewers.

View the programme 《狮城有约》“十分访谈”:新加坡式华语