On-Board with Prudential Webinar – Shape Your Career, Make It Future-Proof
A Recruitment Webinar Series by PRU
7 Jul 2020 (Tue), 7pm – 8pm

Presenting the third installment of this recruitment series in a filming studio, Danny Yeo hosted the webinar featuring guest speakers Jensen Siaw, Chief Motivational Speaker at Jensen Siaw International, and Marvin Tan, Prudential’s Head of Recruitment.

Attendees heard about three important aspects:

  1. How to adopt a change in mindset
  2. How to prepare for unexpected disruptions
  3. How to enhance one’s sense of self-worth

The session saw a highly-participative interaction via live Q&A, with the speakers responding directly to queries and Danny facilitating the conversations. Notably, potential new financial consultants were assured that insurance business can offer recurring income even in times of crisis and the industry remains to offer essential services.

In these unprecedented times, Pure Talents would like to encourage all to adopt a positive mindset, think about shaping yourself, your career and your life to be future-proof too!