On-Board with Prudential Webinar – Exploring New Opportunities
Recruitment Online Series organised by Prudential Singapore
The Gym Studio, 316 Jalan Besar Singapore 208974
17 Nov 2020 (Tue), 7pm – 8pm
In the fifth and concluding episode for Prudential Singapore’s series of recruitment webinar series in the year 2020, Pure Talents veteran emcee Danny Yeo led a lively conversation with three panelists who shared their journeys and experiences in a most personal and revealing discussion.
Head of Recruitment Marvin Tan started the session by introducing the various ways to navigate through uncertainties and the opportunities available for audience to explore a new career path in the insurance industry with Prudential Singapore. Financial Services Managers Casia Ong and Jaslyn Ng as well as Executive Financial Consultant Clement Chia candidly and sincerely shared about their journeys, how they decided to make their career changes, gave tips and advice as friends would do.
The speakers and organisers praised Danny for being able to facilitate the session smoothly and professionally, shedding light and substantiating with concrete statements. For more information on a career with Prudential Singapore, please visit: www.joinpru.com.sg