Ip Man 4: The Finale Movie Press Conference
Organised by The Shaw Organisation
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
10 Dec 2019 (Tue), 2pm – 3pm

Pure Talents veteran emcee Danny Yeo was specially handpicked by The Shaw Organisation to host this press conference of the movie Ip Man 4: The Finale, attended by the male lead Donnie Yen.

At the press conference, Danny announced that Shaw Organisation has confirmed a total print count of 75, making Ip Man 4 one of the highest print numbers for Asian films in Singapore.

During the interview, Danny cautioned Donnie Yen about the rising prices of durians during this rainy season, and Donnie Yen was quick to reply that the film distributors would pay for his favourite fruit in Singapore. The international star also revealed that he didn’t know Wing Chun before the series started and had to pick it up 12 years ago. He also explained why Ip Man 4 will be his last Kung Fu movie, though he will still participate in action movies.

Two journalists from different publications separately messaged Danny after the press conference and praised him for his outstanding skills in hosting the event, which came as great encouragement to Danny as the session was uniquely challenging. It was a joy to be able to contribute to the success of Ip Man 4’s promotional tour in Singapore!