Marie France Bodyline Press Conference for New Celebrity Spokesperson

“We were impressed by Danny Yeo’s hosting skills and his ability to switch between two languages smoothly. Good job there and glad that we got the right emcee for the event!”

Ms Cindy Foo, Senior PR Executive, Word of Mouth Communications

iremember Bookstores: Junior Press Conference in Campus

“Displaying eloquence and professionalism in the art of hosting, Danny Yeo had led the Junior Press Conference@Nan Chiau High School with absolute finesse. He simply livened the crowd with his amiable and good-humoured nature and got the audience laughing from his witty remarks. Interchanging between English and Mandarin with great ease, Danny flaunted his impressive bilingual fluency and even proved his dialect Cantonese to be equally flawless. Danny was also able to seamlessly juggle the interaction between the guest speakers and the participants to create a well-balanced and meaningful dialogue. The event was a tremendous success and Danny was certainly the star himself, thanks to his exceptional flair for hosting.”

Chou Sing Chu Foundation

River Hongbao 2014 Harmony Night and Closing Ceremony

“Good job, Danny. You have made an impact on the Harmony Night event and the response to the evening programme was fantastic. With your professional input and stage confidence, the night’s programme ran smoothly without a single hitch. Your good and quick reaction and handling of the fireworks scenario has made it look like the commencement of fireworks was timed to welcome the arrival of the GOH. The lining up of the performers on stage adds colour and vibrancy, reinforcing the multi racial and multi-cultural event of Harmony Night @ River Hongbao 2014.

Once again, A Big Thank You for a job well done and it was a pleasure working with you.”

Mr Steven Lim, Key Organiser, Bukit Gombak Grassroots Organisation