La Mama Lah: Site, Sound(text) & Space(movement)
SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2013
The Arts House
31 May 2013

La Mama Lah: Site, Sound(text) & Space(movement) was a 4-hour interactive and experiential workshop, conducted by Danny Yeo and Elizabeth De Roza, where the facilitators shared their practice and experience from attending the prestigious La Mama International Symposium for Directors in Umbria, Italy, primarily focusing on the works of Stephan Koplowitz’s Site Specificity and the Director’s Eye as well as Elizabeth Swados’ The Human Being as Theatre Instrument.

The workshop’s objective was to enable participants to create devised works based on awareness of self and environment as well as providing a tool for possible research. Vocal and physical exercises were conducted during the sessions. Sound, rhythm and music were used to explore theatre styles. Participants explored new ways of approaching text creation, character development, movement and production design. A specific site was chosen and all participants were involved with conceptualising, collaborating and presenting ideas.

Registration was fully booked a few days before the start of the workshop.

The theme for Singapore Drama Educators Association’s second Theatre Arts Conference was Masak-masak Let’s Play! ‘Masak-masak’ is a Malay language phrase meaning to play with toys or imaginary cooking implements. The phrase is often used to refer to a child’s imaginative play. With this theme, SDEA invited participants to reconnect with the wonder, innocence and spontaneity of child’s play.