School Talk on Chinese Language 华文华语 and Yang Sheng Tang 扬声堂
Zhenghua Secondary School 正华中学
23 Jan 2017 (Mon), 3pm – 4.30pm

Pure Talents veteran trainer and coach Danny Yeo (Yang Junwei) 杨君伟 was invited by Zhenghua Secondary School to give a talk on Chinese Language based on his book Yang Sheng Tang 扬声堂 published in August 2016.

Danny delivered an interactive lecture and discussed various topics with students, such as “Am I Chinese?”, “What does it mean to be Chinese?”, “What does Chinese mean to me?”.

He also shared about the creation process of his latest book – Yang Sheng Tang, which sold out its first print. The students responded positively and enthusiastically, queuing up for Danny’s autograph at the end of the session.