Hosting Workshop for Maris Stella Secondary School Students
Conducted by Lin Baofeng
11 Sep – 1 Nov 2017

Lin Baofeng conducted a 1-Day Bilingual Hosting Workshop for 54 students from Maris Stella High School. The workshop included theory and also practices for  students to present individually and also to co-host with a partner.

Baofeng shared her hosting experiences and techniques with the students and they could put them into practice within the short period of time! The classes were fun-filled with laughter and the students learned quickly and were appreciative of the skills they have acquired. There were significant improvements from all the students by the end of workshop which impressed the teachers, they were much more confident on stage and were able to deliver at ease.

Pure Talents is experienced in conducting presentation and hosting workshops for students, and we believe in bringing out the best of each individuals. Our years of experiences and unique method in conducting workshops enable students to have fun and at the same time emerge as confident and composed presenters.