Xiao Quan’s Talk on Our Generation 肖全:我们这一代
UnThinkTank Lecture Series Season 3 无界限讲堂第三季
organised by 10AM Communications & WP Productions
NTUC Auditorium
26 Apr 2015 (Sun), 2pm – 5pm

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Conceptualised and presented by 10AM Communications and WP Productions, season 3 of UnThinkTank Lecture Series invited Chinese photographer Xiao Quan to share his stories behind the photos of past 30 years, published in a recent epic photo book Our Generation.

It was Xiao Quan’s first visit to Singapore, though his relationship with Singapore started in 1995 – exactly 20 years ago – when he first photographed Mr Goh Chok Tong.

He is renowned for taking portraits of many celebrities, artists, rock stars, and helped to document China’s rising and changes over the past 30 years. It is said that anyone Xiao Quan photographed would have had his or her best portrait ever taken.

Pure Talents’ Danny Yeo had the honour of hosting this lecture and collaborating with the organisers a second time.