To The Fore Movie Promotional Events with Choi Si Won and Dante Lam
Organised by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures
5 Aug 2015 (Wed)

Choi Si Won, Korean star of To The Fore, was in Singapore to promote the movie along with Hong Kong director Dante Lam. Pure Talents bilingual emcee Danny Yeo was specially chosen to host all of the publicity events including the press conference, a special movie discussion with film students, the meet-the-fans session as well as the red carpet event right before the gala premiere.

To The Fore Press Conference
Expressions Gallery, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
3pm – 4pm

Journalists packed the gallery to meet the star and the director. Bilingual Emcee Danny Yeo first led with some engaging questions and intriguing exchange which translated into captivating content for newspapers in the subsequent days. Particularly, Choi Si Won was very giving and generous with his answers about the brotherhood shared with fellow star Eddie Peng as well as his training regime. Director Lam also answered a question from Danny about the lack of skin exposure in this film as compared to his previous one about boxing. Journalists were then given a chance to interview them up close and personal in separate group sessions.

To The Fore Movie Discussion with Film Students
Expressions Gallery, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
5pm – 6pm

The Movie Magic Discussion was part of Marina Bay Sands’ annual charity event Sands for Singapore Charity Festival. This session was specially organised for film students from ITE, polytechnics and universities to meet the director and actor to ask questions about filmmaking. Director Dante Lam also prepared an autographed biking jersey as a contribution to Marina Bay Sands’ auction event Celebrities Give Back to Singapore.

To The Fore Meet-the-Fans Session
The Skating Rink, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
7pm – 8pm

Choi Si Won was all playful and charming when interacting with fans at this session. Although the stage was a little distant from the audience, everyone could still feel the enthusiasm onstage. Danny Yeo helped to create lots of suspense and fun moments during the games. Two fans were selected to guess the origins of different food, inspired by all the countries featured in the movie itself.

To The Fore Red Carpet
Front Plaza, Plaza Singapura
8pm – 9pm

The finale event of the day was a public appearance on the red carpet as well as onstage at Plaza Singapura, where the gala premiere was held. Choi Si Won gamely took off his jacket when the outdoors proved too hot and humid for a dapper appearance. He also comforted a female fan – who was about to break into tears – and proclaimed, “If you cry, I will kiss you.” Definitely a crowd pleaser and a teaser too!

The movie To The Fore was distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.