Movie The Fortune Handbook Press Conference
organised by mm2 Entertainment
Jin Xi Lou 金喜楼
19 Jan 2017 (Thu), 11am – 12pm

The Fortune Handbook 财神爷 was one of the main movie offerings during Chinese New Year 2017 in Singapore. It was jointly produced by mm2 entertainment and jteam productions, the first time both companies produced two Chinese New Year films at the same time.

Starring the Three Big “Li”s of Singapore – Li Nanxing, Li Mingshun (Christopher Lee) and Li Guohuang (Mark Lee) – this movie also features newcomers Xavier Wang Shengyu and Jazliyana Li Yaner. The Fortune Handbook was directed by Sun Liren.

Onstage, the three “Ah-Ge”s had an easy banter and made lots of jokes to the amusement of journalists present.

THE FORTUNE HANDBOOK《财神爷》是由 mm2 Entertainment和 Jteam Productions 联合出品; in association with: Cornerstone Films, Galaxy Entertainment, Golden Village, Maxi Harvest Film, Neo-Film, Shaw Organisation, Bee Cheng Hiang, Sellery, Orientivity; Main Sponsor: Pokka; Co-Sponsors: A1 Abalone Noodles, Bee Cheng Hiang, Murad, 康丽水晶风水天地,Starhub; Promotion Partner: Qian Xi Group; Audio Supporting Partner – Auro 1.11 by Barco; Distributed by: Mm2 Entertainment, Shaw Organization. The Fortune Handbook《财神爷》是由 mm2 Entertainment 和 Shaw Organisation在新加坡联合发行。