Sony GEM Dean Fujioka Live in Singapore
The Music Day Summer Wishes Come True
Phoenix Room, Level 19, Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway
1 Jul 2017 (Sat), 4pm – 7pm

Fans of Sony GEM were treated to an afternoon of upclose-and-personal meeting with the Japanese star Dean Fujioka. This was an exclusive event where the multi-talented and dashing star performed live for all present in an intimate setting. Danny Yeo hosted both the Facebook LIVE session with the star as well as the Meet The Fans session. The easy banter and humorous exchange delighted both organisers as well as the fans at the event.

GEM is the latest Asian entertainment channel from Song Pictures Television Networks Asia with a focus on premium Japanese content, available in Singapore exclusively on Singtel TV Channel 519. This was the second year GEM brought the highly anticipated summer music show The Music Day to J-music fans in Asia, allowing fans to immerse themselves in this annual music extravaganza featuring top artistes from the Japanese music industry.

Dean Fujioka performed LIVE in a special transmission from Singapore to countries all over Asia. The Japanese star takes on multiple roles – model, singer, songwriter, actor and director. His acting career spans across different countries and he speaks five different languages.

Danny interviewed Dean Fujioka and got him to share about his impression of Singapore, his anticipation for the LIVE performance, as well as conducting a lucky draw for 5 fans who each received a pre-signed poster, a special charm, and a yet-to-be-released CD.