Press Conference for Movie LANG TONG 靓汤
Lounge on Level 10 @ Hotel Jen
3 Mar 2015 (Tue), 2pm – 3pm

Pure Talents bilingual emcee Danny Yeo hosted the press conference for “Singapore’s most controversial movie” LANG TONG, an erotic thriller. Director Sam Loh attended the press conference along with his cast members Vivienne Tseng, William Lawandi, Angeline Yap and Esther Goh.

What do you get when you combine these ‘ingredients’ – pork rib soup, a con-man who targets and preys on innocent woman, and two attractive sisters where the younger one plans to murder the older one? Zack is a womaniser and conman who believes his ‘conquests’ are like making good pork rib soup – you need the right ingredients, patience and skill. Li Ling is an alluring and financially stable woman, who happens to make good pork rib soup. Zack is hooked when she becomes his next ‘target’ and enters his life. But Zack makes the fatal mistake of sleeping with Li Er, the younger nymphet sister of Li Ling. She is rebellious, sexy and dangerous all rolled into one and manipulates Zack to kill her sister. But things are not as simple as Zack thinks…

Giving his support, mm2 Entertainment’s Chief Content Officer Mr Ng Say Yong shared with the journalists in attendance reasons why mm2 was supporting this movie and its subsequent instalments with vigour – there is a need for this genre to exist in local film industry and any new effort can be encouraged, especially with this first-of-its kind movie in local film productions.

Director Sam Loh was inspired after re-watching Takashi Miike’s ‘Audition’ and Fruit Chan’s ‘Dumplings’ 7 years ago and wrote ‘Lang Tong’ combining the two elements he liked in those films – pushing the genre boundaries dealing with twisted human psyche, sex and exotic food. With ‘Lang Tong’ he hopes to also push the filmmaking boundaries for Singapore films, and make a genre film that has never been done and seen before. He felt that the time is right and the audience are discerning and mature enough to decide what they want to watch. He sincerely hopes that they are looking for alternatives in local films. ‘Lang Tong’ is one part of his ‘Femme Fatale’ film trilogy. ‘Siew Lup’ and ‘Zao Jing’ are the other two films that will follow.

The film LANG TONG premieres on 5 March 2015 (Thursday), is co-produced by mm2 Entertainment and Outsiders Pictures, and co-distributed by mm2 Entertainment and Shaw Organisation.