BookFest@Singapore Grand Opening Ceremony 2015
Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre, Hall 401
4 Dec 2015 (Fri), 10am – 11am

Pure Talents emcee Danny Yeo hosted the grand opening ceremony of BookFest@Singapore. Danny was honoured to return once again to host this annual event by Popular Book Company Pte Ltd.

BookFest@Singapore is viewed as one of the largest book expositions in Southeast Asia, showcasing a vast range of treasures – books, stationeries, music, gadgets and IT products. It is also the perfect platform to bring together publishers and distributors from all around the globe. The theme for 2015 is “Treasures”, paying tribute to the importance of lifelong learning and also the the Chinese proverb – 书中自有黄金屋, which signifies how success comes from knowledge through reading books. This liken the BookFest to a “Treasure Trove”.

The word TREASURE is often used metaphorically to mean a “valuable find”. A book is akin to a treasure. Reading increases our knowledge and challenges our minds to grow. One who finds the “treasure” in books will understand that knowledge is boundless, allowing unlimited possibilities.

At the opening ceremony, BookFest@Singapore also launched two books: The Journey: Our Homeland and a cookbook.

MediaCorp and POPULAR co-published their third comic book – Our Homeland, the last of the three-part television drama series The Journey, marking the finale of the SG50 nation building trilogy. The first 2 books topped the charts and became the best-selling books in POPULAR with more than 20,000 copies sold.

Over the years, POPULAR has co-published with MediaCorp, producing many amazing books. Another co-published book “LOVE 97.2FM爱的食堂, 妈妈的菜”, featuring 50 tantalizing recipes contributed by 10 DJs from Love 972 and owner of The Red Chef Restaurant Chef Eric Teo, was also unveiled.

May all readers find both the treasure and the gold at BookFest@Singapore 2015.