NETS Merchants Trade Presentation and Luncheon for Business Partners
Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel
2 Nov 2016 (Wed), 12pm – 3pm

This NETS Merchants Event was an excellent opportunity for all business partners to get a sneak preview of what NETS has in store for Singapore – new products and exciting services. All at the product showcase during the event. NETS was excited to show how they will progressively enable payments in Singapore to be simple, efficient and stress-free, both for merchants and consumers.

NETS envisions the future of cashless payments to be secure and simple to use, “making e-cash dominance a reality”, with payment methods that provide a seamless experience for consumers and enhance merchants’ business efficiency. We know for a fact that 1 in 3 Singaporeans uses NETS every day. NETS has a vast network of over 91,000 acceptance points across Singapore, and it continues to grow. The total value of NETS transaction in 2015, is $23 billion.

The appreciation event was to thank you partners for their strong, unwavering support for NETS all these years. The hosts for this special appreciation event are Chairman of NETS, Ms Tan Su Shan, Members of the NETS Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer of NETS, Mr Jeffrey Goh, Senior Management Team and Staff of NETS.