National Arts Council’s Silver Arts Festival 2017
Arts On The Move!
organised by NAC Silver Arts 2017
Hosted by Lin Baofeng and Jasmine Xie
National Library Building, The Plaza & Tampines Plaza
2 – 24 Sep 2017 (2 & 3 Sep, 9 & 10 Sep, 16 & 17 Sep, 23 & 24 Sep)

Pure Talents Bilingual Emcees Lin Baofeng and Jasmine Xie hosted for different programmes for Silver Arts 2017 – Arts On The Move over four weekends! Silver Arts is an annual festival organised by the National Arts Council, celebrating the meaningful possibilities seniors have in the arts. The festival offers opportunities for seniors to share their stories that shape our collective memories, and forge stronger inter-generational understanding.

With 38 programmes from performances to workshops, seniors showcase their creative talents through co-created content or learn a new skill, enhancing their overall well-being.  Into its sixth edition, this year’s festival will take place over four weeks from 1 to 24 September island-wide with arts programmes and activities, there will be something for everyone.

Let’s Celebrate with Peranakan Sayang!
Our Tampines Hub, Festive Plaza
2 Sep 2017 (Sat), 3.00pm – 3.45pm

This performance by Peranakan Sayang, Singapore’s premier Peranakan singing performance group celebrates Peranakan culture with a repertoire of Peranakan songs with a modern beat and music arrangement, popular golden oldies that will bring back nostalgic memories, original songs that got some people on the dance floor!

Groove with Hillary Francis
Our Tampines Hub, Festive Plaza
3 Sep 2017 (Sun), 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Hillary Francis, a talented singer, guitarist and composer with smooth tenor voice, accompanied by pianist Victor Pillay, performed in various languages timeless classics by Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Teresa Teng, The Beatles and more.

金典经曲 Classic Minnan Hits from Past to Present
National Library Building, The Plaza
9 Sep 2017 (Sat), 3.00pm – 4.00pm

首首百听不厌的台语歌曲,勾起无限回忆,令人听出耳油。本地资深男歌手谢金石与女儿谢苓莉同台为观众带来连串经典好歌,包括《爱拼才会赢》、《望春风》、《红豆》等。 Veteran performer, Xie Jin Shi and his daughter Lindy Chia, performed tunes from various eras.

An Afternoon with Vasantham Boys
National Library Building, The Plaza
10 Sep 2017 (Sun), 3.00pm – 4.00pm

An indojazz music concert by Mohamed Raffee and the Vasantham Boys, the performance also featured latin/world percussionist Joe Jayaveeran, acclaimed flautist Sesatre together with Maheswari Rani on vocals.

Let The Harps Sound
National Library Building, The Plaza
16 Sep 2017 (Sat), 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Music is a universal language that is familiar to all generations. The performers are of all ages include Silver Arts Harp Group, Rave Harpers (Youth and Adult), Katryna Tan and guest musicians Cindy (violin) and Natasha (cello) from Singapore Harp Trio. They serenaded the Plaza With familiar tunes like “月亮代表我的心” as well as music ranging from classical to samba and tango!

男爵乐团音乐革命 Men in Jazz Music Revolution
National Library Building, The Plaza
17 Sep 2017 (Sun), 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Men in Jazz from Hong Kong brought with them familiar pop, jazz, classical and evergreen tunes such as Hey Jude, Beauty and the Beast and Amazing Grace. These golden agers (over the age of 50) who shared their love of music are inspiring!

Retro ‘70s
National Library Building, The Plaza
24 Sep 2017 (Sun), 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Legendary artists Jatt Ali (drummer and vocalist of Black Dog Bone) and Junainah M. Amin celebrated the retro ‘70s with a performance of their biggest hits! The audience enjoyed Jatt Ali’s hits like Bila Rindu, Dulu dan Sekarang, Khayalan and Junainah M. Amin’s smooth vocals as she serenaded with her hit songs Ku Sayang Padamu, Malam Ini and Ratu Duniaku!

鼎艺讲古 Ding Yi Storytelling
National Library Building, The Plaza
24 Sep 2017 (Sun), 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Ding Yi brought well-known entertainment programmes from the ‘60s to ‘70s alive, recalling the past through Chinese music. Local famous storyteller Lee Dai Soh’s female disciple Lee Swee Har told the story of Chang-Er’s ascent to the Moon, with live music performed by
Ding Yi. In addition, Ding Yi also played the theme song of Hong Kong popular TV series The Book and the Sword, Huang Mei Opera Fairy Couple and the evergreen Teresa Teng Suite.

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