Nathan Hartono Meet and Greet with MILO Peng For Singapore
Bugis+ Level 1 Civic Plaza
15 Oct 2016 (Sat), 2.30pm – 5pm

Celebrating Nathan Hartono’s outstanding performance at the Sing! China Competition, and fulfilling his promise of delivering MILO Peng to Singaporeans after a win, Nestle Singapore organised the meet and greet session for our Singapore Boy at Bugis+ to thank fans for their support.

Singaporean singer Nathan Hartono was placed first runner-up at the Sing! China Competition and we were proud of his win – the best result for all Singaporean contestants so far in the programme’s history.

Everyone got to enjoy free MILO Peng delivered by the iconic MILO Van! This was Singaporeans’ most familiar taste of cold, chocolatey drink after a day of sweating it out in the sun. MILO Peng for Singapore was brought to you by Nestle.

2016 was MILO’s 80th anniversary in Singapore. This nutritious beverage was first sold in Singapore in 1936. It contains the natural goodness of malt, milk and coca. It has been locally produced at the Nestle Jurong Factory since 1984. The MILO van as we know it, goes a long way back to 1960s when we first started championing the development of sports in Singapore schools. MILO has always strived to inculcate values such as perseverance and determination through sports and community events. It has been a fantastic year for Singapore talents who have embodied these admirable values in their respective fields, inspiring us as a nation. This is MILO’s way of recognising these S’poreans’ contributions & achievements!