Ding Yi Storytelling 鼎艺讲古 by Ding Yi Music Company
organised by NAC Silver Arts 2017
National Library Building, The Plaza
24 Sep 2017 (Sat), 3pm – 4pm

Pure Talents Bilingual Emcee Jasmine Xie hosted for Ding Yi’s Story-Telling under NAC Silver Arts 2017. Ding Yi brings back well-known entertainment programmes from the ‘60s to ‘70s, recalling the past through Chinese music. Local famous storyteller Lee Dai Soh’s female disciple Lee Swee Har will tell the story of Chang-Er’s Ascent to the Moon, with live music performed by Ding Yi. In addition, Ding Yi will also be playing the theme song from the popular Hong Kong television series The Book and the Sword, Huang Mei Opera Fairy Couple and the evergreen Teresa Teng Suite.

Performance was conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese. Free Admission.

鼎艺团将重现 60 , 70 年代家喻户晓的娱乐节目,用华乐讲古,回味当年。本地“讲古大师”李大傻的入室女弟子李瑞霞将讲述《嫦娥奔月》的故事,由鼎艺团现场配乐,生动地展现激动人心的情节。除此之外,鼎艺团也将演奏香港著名电视剧《书剑恩仇录》的主题曲、黄梅戏《天仙配》以 及耳熟能详的《邓丽君组曲》。