The Health Society – a new television infotainment series
broadcasted on Starhub, produced by mm2
16 Sep 2016

Pure Talents veteran Danny Yeo (Yang Junwei) was appointed by mm2 to host a new weekly television infotainment series The Health Society 健康教室 for broadcast on Starhub E City. There were a total of 8 episodes.

Each episode covered different health issues with invited celebrity guests and a medical expert. The two presenters, including co-host Charlyn Lin (Lin Cuifang), demonstrated healthy living habits as well as healthy cooking methods in each episode. They also interacted with guests in a humorous way, to disseminate important information light-heartedly.

Danny had a wonderful time working with the entire production team and found good chemistry hosting together with Charlyn for the first time though they’ve known each other for years.

The important topics covered in the series include: colorectal cancer, diabetes, vegetables and fibre in diets, sugar intake, the rainbow diet, osteoporosis, lipoprotein, constipation and gastric problems. All 8 episodes’ content and health information were also  subsequently published in U Weekly magazine, over 8 weeks, in 2-page full spreads.