Meeting the Giant Press Conference
with Clover Films, Golden Village, G&J Creation and Stellar Megamedia International
20 May 2013

Upcoming basketball-themed Singapore film “Meeting the Giant” has several new steps. Actor Tay Ping Hui will be helming the film as his directorial debut. The production will be using only new first-timer actors. It is also the first locally-made film to have a large-scale release in China, as a result of a collaboration between Singapore film companies G & J Creation and Clover Films, as well as Chinese film giant Stellar Megamedia International, which owns one of the biggest cinema chains in China.

No homegrown film has ever had a big release in China due to the country’s strict foreign film quota, which allows only 34 foreign films (of which 14 have to be in 3D or other advanced film formats) to be shown in Chinese cinemas each year.

Veteran actor Zhu Hou Ren is the film’s story planner and producer while former radio DJ-turned-host and theatre director Danny Yeo is penning the script. The S$1.5 million film focuses on the interaction between a Singapore basketball team and their imported young China teammates, and how these players integrate into Singapore and foster friendships.