Movie 4Love Media Conference
Organised by mm2 Entertainment
Blisshouse@The Central
19 Oct 2015 (Mon) 11am – 12pm

Pure Talents Danny Yeo was glad to host this event with long-time partner mm2 Entertainment when they introduced a new local movie 4Love to the Singapore media. This is a romance anthology featuring four love stories in one movie, set in present time Singapore. It tells the journey of love in different phases: falling in love while courting, excitement with proposing marriage, having an extra marital affair after years of being together, and finally, facing old age when love is ripe and most mature.

Jointly produced by mm2 Entertainment and 3VS1, the media conference introduced the four groups of talents involved:
1. Director Raihan Halim with actors Maxi Lim and Cheryl Wee
2. Director Gilbert Chan with Jonathan Cheok and Silver Ang
3. Director Sam Loh with Shane Pow, Oon Shu An and Louis Wu
4. Director Daniel Yam with Joshua Tan and Hayley Woo

Look out for the movie on big screens in first quarter of 2016!