Elim Chew’s Book Launch with Marshall Cavendish
The Elim Chew Story: Driven By Purpose. Destined For Change
Tree Top @ SCAPE
13 Sep 2016 (Tue), 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Pure Talents emcee Danny Yeo was proud to host the book launch event for a dear friend Elim Chew who first inspired him to be a World Vision ambassador and an entrepreneur.

The Elim Chew Story: Driven By Purpose, Destined For Change, written by Loretta Chen and published by Marshall Cavendish, is a 256-page heartwarming, candid and inspiring biography of one of Singapore’s most prominent entrepreneurs and multi-hyphenate, Elim Chew.

Gathered at the book launch were some of her closest friends and associates.

In the book, Elim shares her lesser known familial histories, pangs of growing up, days of being wild, and the history and subsequent closure of retail icon 77th Street. In addition, she talks about her love for social enterprise, youth mentorships, recent ventures into food business, logistics and technology, launch of @elimchewtv, as well as her latest passion, fishing.

Through the book, we get a deeper understanding of who Elim Chew really is. We get to share in and learn from her community leadership, business experiences and unique perspectives on life. She also provides insight into newly independent Singapore in the 1970s as well as an insider’s glimpse into pop culture in the rocking 1980s and 1990s. We also get to know more of Elim’s hair-raising past, present motivations and future visions.