Joanna Dong So Here I Am Media Conference
Solo Concert at Esplanade Concert Hall and EP Preview
Organised by Red Roof Records
Barbershop by Timbre
7 May 18 (Mon), 3pm – 4pm

Pure Talents bilingual emcee Lin Baofeng was selected to host this media conference for the announcement of Joanna Dong’s very first solo concert at Esplanade Concert Hall as well as the preview of her new EP to be released on the same day as the concert.

The humourous and easy banter between Baofeng and Joanna was evident as they have both known each other for years through theatre productions and mutual friends. Baofeng facilitated the unplugged singing session with much elegance, and conducted the interview with Music Director Ruth Ling and Show Director Danny Yeo smoothly in a casual friendly manner. She also initiated a tribute to Joanna’s mother ahead of Mother’s Day which generated a lot of press coverages in subsequent days. The song dedication became a highlight of the event and Baofeng was glad she helped to make the media conference a success for Joanna and Red Roof Records!

Joanna Dong’s first solo concert So Here I Am was held at Esplanade Concert Hall on 30 June 2018 and 1 July 2018, with the second date added after overwhelming response from fans and the public.

Photo credit: Red Roof Records