Filming of Channel U’s Innocence Lost Season 2 《童工2》 in Jaipur India
produced by Threesixzero Productions
14 – 18 Jan 2017

Innocence Lost is a series on child labourers in Asia, produced by Threesixzero Productions for broadcast on MediaCorp’s Channel U. Season One was very well-received and the positive response continued for Season Two. Veteran host Danny Yeo helmed four episodes out of ten in Season One, and another four episodes out of eight in Season Two, making him the anchor host with the most episodes for this series.

The last episode of Season Two brought him back to the place where he first started in Season One – the Pink City of India, Jaipur. Thus, the entire filming experience signified a closure in a loop, ending at the beginning. What a beautiful and extraordinary journey it has been!

The episode on Child Wax Workers and Waste Pickers was broadcasted on 28 March 2017, Tuesday, 9pm, on Channel U.


The filming crew visited a poor community staying in a dump area where they dig up wax from the ground, burn it to melt it, and then lay it out in a container to re-sell the wax back to factories for use.

Naani is a child worker who makes wax for block printing business. The smoke is thick when the melting process takes place. She feared she might become next victim when the boy next door being burned by boiling wax. Sahul and his five family members live under the bridge. He picks garbage in order to feed the rest.

We also got to understand a little better about where the hand-knitted scarves commonly found in souvenir shops came from.