Filming of Channel U’s Innocence Lost Season 2 《童工2》
with Threesixzero Productions in Dhaka Bangladesh
18 – 24 Dec 2016

Danny Yeo’s second trip for the second season of Innocence Lost brings him to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to uncover the stories of child labourers in factories.

Here, two young boys are working with heavy machineries that are usually manned by adults. In these environments, workers often suffer cuts and abrasions. Someone even lost his life after getting a cut that severed his nose.

Two dramatic incidents happened in this episode, both real and sad at the same time.

Ridoy’s family was chased out of the shopping mall due to prejudice as a security officer insulted the family that came from a poor background.

Hakim was missing after a day’s filming. Soon after, the filming crew found out that he has returned to his old village where the space was bigger, air was cleaner, where his friends were, and where he felt happier and more free.

Watch Innocence Lost Season 2 Episode 4 here

In dark, dusty, noisy workshops, children coated with metallic dust operate heavy machinery without any safety gears. Let’s follow Danny Yeo into the world of child workers working in the aluminium pot and can factories in the largest slum area in Dhaka, and see how they struggle to make ends meet. 阴暗的工作室里,空气中充斥着金属碎屑,耳边是震耳欲聋的嘈杂声,一群孩子正徒手操作着大型机器。这就是孟加拉铝锅和罐头厂童工的写照。让我们随杨君伟一起到孟加拉了解贫民窟的孩子是怎么在危险的环境中求个温饱。