Emergency Stairs Southernmost Open Forum
The Chamber, The Arts House
20 Dec 2017 (Wed), 7pm – 10pm

Singapore experimental theatre company Emergency Stairs organised a two-week theatre festival the Southernmost One Table Two Chairs Project which highlighted an Open Forum with presentations by various arts and arts-related practitioners. Danny Yeo was invited to host and chair the open forum to facilitate discussions amongst artists, administrators and the audience.

Emergency Stairs is a newly-established intercultural, experimental theatre company. The festival was supported by The Arts House, Hotel Royal @ Queens, and the Arts Fund.

The six speakers at the open forum were: Alvin Tan, Alfian Sa’at, Cedric Chan, Corrie Tan, Lim Wah Guan and Jobina Tan, with Danny Yung as the commentator.

The topic for the night was Intercultural Theatre in Singapore, and the open forum featured Singapore’s most prominent artists, arts managers, academics and policy makers, all coming together in a public forum to discuss, disagree and disseminate.

The sequence of the forum, in which Danny contributed ideas and concepts while discussing with Artistic Director Liu Xiaoyi, borrowed the format of One Table Two Chairs. There were 2 speakers in each session, and in each session, speakers will present individually before engaging in a dialogue. After which, the discussion was opened to the floor to encourage conversations.

The sessions were –
Dialogue #1: From Monoglossia to Heteroglossia (Alfian and Corrie)
Dialogue #2: From Multiculturalism to Interculturalism (Alvin and Wah Guan)
Dialogue #3: From Platform to Network (Cedric and Jobina)