Ding Yi Music Company Presents Go Local Series Recollecting Melodies
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens
19 Aug 2018 (Sun), 6pm – 7pm

Pure Talents bilingual emcee Lin Baofeng is steadily becoming Ding Yi’s favourite host, being back to helm yet another outdoor concert for the music company.

It was a specially curated programme for all to spend a lovely and nostalgic evening together. “Go Local!” is Ding Yi’s newest outreach series. It aims to influence and cultivate more appreciation towards Chinese chamber music through performing reminiscing music and tunes in Singapore to the community.

The enthusiastic and appreciate crowd got to hum and sing along with Taiwanese and Singapore movie themes, local television themes, and familiar favourites from yesteryears.

Baofeng thoroughly enjoyed the excellent chemistry onstage with the conductor Mr Dedric Wong, singer Ms Ruth Kueo, and the entire group of musicians from Ding Yi Music Company. Rapport was evident as if they were all part of one big family!