Chinese New Year Dinner Celebrations 2016 at Admiralty
ACE The Place Community Club at Admiralty
20 Feb 2016 (Sat), 7pm – 10pm

Pure Talents bilingual emcee Danny Yeo (Yang Junwei) was invited to host for the annual Chinese New Year Dinner Celebrations at Admiralty.

The guest of honour for the event was Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC and Adviser for Admiralty Grassroots Organisations, Mr Vikram Nair, who attended the occasion with his wife. Accompanying Mr Vikram Nair were Admiralty Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) Chairman, Mr Sim Kin Chye PBM, ACE The Place Community Club Management Committee (CCMC) Chairman Mr Allen Wong PBM, Organising Chairperson for Spring@Admiralty Ms Chua Soo Kheng, as well as the two Co-Organising Chairpersons Mr Steve Saravanan Sigamani and Mr Gavin Goh Shiming.

The night started with a dragon and lion dance that welcomed the arrival of Mr Vikram Nair and guests. There was also an elaborate Lou Hei Ceremony onstage, followed by a wonderful lineup of performances that included Wushu, Quick Costume Change, Chinese Drums, stage games and a grand finale of singing Chinese New Year songs.