Channel U Infotainment Series Between Two Worlds
Produced by Threesixzero Productions
Hosted by Lin Baofeng (5 episodes)
India, 29 Mar – 5 Apr 2017 Ep9: Watch this episode on toggle
Shiwei, Mongolia, 10 Apr – 18 Apr 2017 Ep4: Watch this episode on toggle
Germany, 25 Apr – 2 May 2017 Ep7: Watch this episode on toggle
Slovakia, 8 May – 16 May 2017 Ep13: Watch it on toggle
Manila, Philippines, 5 Jun – 10 Jun 2017 Ep12:  Watch this episode on toggle

Pure Talents bilingual host Lin Baofeng was specially selected and became the newest addition to the infotainment series Between Two Worlds 分界线 for Channel U. The series was produced by Threesixzero Productions and aired on Tuesday nights, primetime at 9pm. Baofeng was the featuring host who anchored the most number of episodes in this series.

Filming brought her to five different countries – India, Mongolia, Germany, Slovakia and Philippines. The series explored people who are living on the edge, between two countries. For example, Shiwei was on the borders of Russia and China. And in Episode 12, Baofeng visited Tondo in Manila, which was a district with a sprawling landscape of low-lying slums and garbage dumps, which was a stark contrast to the capital’s business district full of modern skyscrapers.

Through the series, we often felt deep concerns and empathy for residents who straddle between the two worlds of haves and have-nots.