Channel U Infotainment Series Between Two Worlds
Produced by Threesixzero Productions
Hosted by Danny Yeo (2 episodes)
Lake Titicaca, Peru, 17 Apr – 24 Apr 2017 Ep6: Watch this episode on toggle
Whittier, Alaska, 28 Apr – 5 May 2017 Ep10: Watch this episode on toggle

Danny Yeo had an extraordinary time hosting for Threesixzero Productions’ new travelogue series Between Two Worlds 分界线 at Lake Titicaca, Peru. Despite the early wake-up calls (often at 3am or 4am) and long working days (stretching to 15 hours), the trip was an eye-opening experience. Tourists see the pristine and beautiful sites in Puno and at Lake Titicaca. The episode went in-depth to explore tourism issues, pollution problems and plights of various native Uros living on land and on the floating islands made entirely of totora reeds.

Whittier, Alaska, is – if Danny dare say – the MOST unique and enchanting place he has ever filmed in. It is one of two states separated from the contiguous United States, and physically cut off from the outside world by a 4km-long tunnel that only allows one-way traffic on a strict schedule. A town city of 200, mostly housed within one single building that was historically an army barrack, and surrounded by a fortress of beautiful glaciers and pristine waters. One can only dream of revisiting this place when the otters, orcas, and humpback whales visit. And not forgetting the northern lights which would be visibly from the iconic Begich Towers’ harbour-facing windows. Danny Yeo was filming a new travelogue documentary series Between Two Worlds with Threesixzero Productions, showing soon on Channel U. Look out for this extraordinary story about the people who “escaped” to Whittier and settled in this quiet, serene, unworldly wonderland.

Both episodes explored the issues of marginalised communities and small places within a bigger geographic area.