BreadTalk New Concept Store Official Opening and Launch Event
BreadTalk at VivoCity B2-34
20 Nov 2015 (Fri), 9am – 12pm

BreadTalk opened its first store at Bugis in July 2000. 15 years later, it has close to 1000 shops in 17 countries, and still counting. Bilingual emcee Danny Yeo was honoured to have been specifically handpicked by Pure Talents’ long-time working partner BreadTalk to host this important event – the official opening and launch event of BreadTalk’s first global new concept store in VivoCity.

Before the opening, guests were invited to pen their thoughts for “recipes of joy”. These were written on blocks of wood which formed a large “wall of joy recipes”. Chairman and Founder of BreadTalk Dr George Quek as well as Vice-Chairman of BreadTalk Group Mrs Quek also shared their “recipes” – cherishing what you have and enjoying simplicity in life. All these were aligned to the new message: Rolling Out Joy Everywhere 把幸福的味道分享到每个角落, a new concept that BreadTalk aims to deliver worldwide.

Guests were led on an immersive experience while walking through the new concept store, and had a first taste of the new collection of products: snow white yam, sweet potato volcano, mala chicken, himalayan pink salt, hokkaido snow roll and rice chiffon. Three MasterChefs – Chef Alan Zou from Taiwan, Chef Shin Horie from Japan and Chef Janson Loo from Singapore – were also present to introduce their new creations.

BreadTalk also introduced an interactive screen right outside the store which shows the freshest and latest products made by the kitchen.

Singapore, 20 November 2015 – BreadTalk, Singapore’s homegrown bakery brand, is celebrating the launch of its first global store concept at Vivocity mall, Singapore. From source to store, the new concept aims to immerse consumers in a unique experience that harkens back to enjoying natural goodness and the bliss of great-tasting breads. An interesting repertoire of over 50 brand new items, specially-developed by its international Master Chefs, is being introduced in Singapore for the first time and rolled out across all BreadTalk outlets islandwide today.

Incorporating natural ingredients, baking artistry and modern technology, the new concept store is the fruit of innovative product development efforts, and BreadTalk’s answer to the global call by consumers for more natural food options.

“As a bakery brand that has been operating in Asia for the past 15 years, we understand the desire for a healthy, clean taste that our consumers look forward to and recognise the importance of naturalness in our products,” said Mr. Tan Aik Peng, Divisional CEO, Bakery Division. “We further enhance consumers’ experience at BreadTalk by introducing our first-ever digital “Hot and Fresh” notification system so they are kept informed of when their favourite products are freshly baked in-store and available to them in real time.”

BreadTalk has embarked on a few digital transformation initiatives that will help to improve productivity and reduce food wastage. This includes the roll out of e-Scheduling and e-Production that will improve productivity by at least 3 percent and reduce wastage by an estimated 20 percent.

BreadTalk is also building an integrated system that connects internal kitchen baking processes to the external digital screens in-store. This will allow prompt notification on the digital screens when a new batch of freshly- baked breads are ready. Nearby office workers can also register their mobile devices with the store and be prompted in advance when their favorite breads are ready. With the oft-mentioned manpower challenges facing the retail sector, such a system is a value-added service that will further improve consumers’ convenience and enhance the service experience.

BreadTalk’s new concept store features a contemporary design – a neutral colour palette that accentuates the appeal of golden-baked breads. Natural soothing hues, combined with the generous use of oak veneers, create a welcoming atmosphere in this 700 sq ft outlet.

Inspired by the “Chef’s Table” idea at specialty restaurants, the new store identity brings to life the creations of its Chefs at the centrepiece Island Bar. Seamlessly integrating the kitchen and the service area, the BreadTalk store exemplifies the creative work space of a Master Chef who is constantly inspired by his environment with baking reference books and greenery that complement the variety of products.

The highlights of this new product collection lie with the careful sourcing and selection of premium natural ingredients such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand. Through rigorous global sourcing, all ingredients are procured and handpicked in their finest, natural forms – and only the choicest make it to the BreadTalk kitchen. Simple in taste and robust in flavor, ingredients like yam, red bean, fruits and sweet potato which form the paste or fillings are prepared within its Central Kitchen, ensuring greater quality control of the finished items. No artificial elements, additives or preservatives are included during the baking or cooking processes.

50 unique new recipes, developed by Master Chefs Shin Horie from Japan, Alan Zou from Taiwan and Janson Loo from Singapore, are introduced in Singapore for the first time. Focused on creating perfect harmony among textures, flavours and ingredients, the recipes are inspired from each Master Chef’s personal take on classic simplicity.

Cakes made from premium rice flour will debut here. The Hokkaido Rice Roll and Rice Chiffon are delectably moist, reflecting the chefs’ intimate familiarity with rice as an ingredient. To tantalise the palate, a creative combination of textures is achieved through the careful balancing of sponge cake and fresh custard cream in these cakes. Subtle, natural flavours are accentuated through the pairing of roasted rice, fresh fruits and nuts with light cream, epitomised by the heavenly Genmai Origins and Fraisier Pistachio cakes.

Catering specially to Asian tastes are breads made from four different dough types – White Dough, Natural Yeast, Soft French and Wheat Germ. Providing more bite and satisfying enjoyment, these creations boast the taste and quality of artisanal European breads while retaining the pliability that Asian consumers treasure. Paired with uniquely-oriental ingredients like wine-soaked longan, sweet potato and Sichuan spices, items such as Mala Chicken and Sweet Potato Volcano will be definite crowd-pleasers.

A wider selection of products with specially-imported ingredients, are also presented in the new concept. The Red Bean Queen bun features Taiwan-imported red beans wrapped in nutritious and chewy wheat germ dough, while the Snow White Yam is dressed in moist white dough and complemented by the natural sweetness of Taiwan yam cubes.

All outlets across Singapore will be reinvigorated progressively to sport the new concept’s contemporary interiors. The new store concept will be implemented internationally, with the first in China in the first quarter of 2016, followed by Thailand and Indonesia.