Blossoming Melodies
by Ding Yi Music Company
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens
22 April 2018 (Sun), 6pm – 7pm

Pure Talents bilingual host Lin Baofeng was specially selected to host this outdoor concert by Ding Yi Music Company at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in conjunction with the Singapore Orchid Show.

Established in 2007, Ding Yi is recognised as one of Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensembles. Captivating audiences with its distinctive approach to music-making and dedication to showcasing a vast repertoire that extends from traditional Chinese music to contemporary avant-garde interpretations and cross-genre works.

Leading the musicians was conductor Mr Dedric Wong. The concert presented an array of Asian floral-themed repertoire that included a medley of Asean folk songs, the Chinese song Give Me A Rose, Malay classic Bunga Sayang, and popular songs to sing along to. The international audience included tourists from France who enjoyed the songs as well. It was a relaxing evening for families and friends to bask in the charming floral fiesta.