An Evening of Xinyao with Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Esplanade Concert Hall
22 Oct 2017 (Sun), 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Pure Talents founder Danny Yeo was featured and performed as The Storyteller in An Evening of Xinyao at Esplanade Concert Hall, a concert co-organised by Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) and Tan Chang Ren (TCR).

The concert was conducted by Maestro Tsung Yeh and also featured many local singers including Li Feihui, Jimmy Ye, Hong Shaoxuan, Su Xinquan, Pan Ying, Ye Peifen, Zhou Manqi, young singers from TCR, as well as the Singapore Youth Choir Ensemble Singers led by Jennifer Tham.

During a rehearsal session, Danny Yeo impressed the musicians with his professional delivery and precise timing that the orchestra responded with collective applause. Danny was honoured to be able to collaborate with Maestro Tsung Yeh and SCO once again after having last narrated for Kit Chan’s SCO concert on the very same stage.