Actors Unscripted – A Film Forum with Director Jack Neo
organised and conceived by Pure Talents with SGIFF 2016
a programme with the 27th Singapore International Film Festival
SCAPE Gallery
27 Nov 2016 (Sun), 11am – 12pm

This is the second year that Pure Talents is collaborating with Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) to present Actors Unscripted, a film forum for the public to converse and exchange with filmmakers, allowing all to have a closer and more concrete look at behind-the-scene thoughts and actions in filmmaking.

Last year, the two actors in focus were Yeo Yann Yann and Chen Tianwen. This year, director-writer-actor Jack Neo is the man-in-the-seat. Well-established (and Danny’s favourite) movie critic Kong Kam Yoke was the translator at this event.

He is a veteran in both television and cinema. Jack Neo is known for having a knack in finding the right cast to deliver his homegrown stories. His casting process discovered many a new talents. The session allowed participants to understand his works better as well as how the man brings out the best in his films through writing, storytelling and directing.