26th Singapore International Film Festival Actors Unscripted
The Substation
29 Nov 2015 (Sun), 1pm – 2pm

Pure Talents is proud to have partnered Singapore International Film Festival in organising this new talk programme Actors Unscripted starting in the year 2015.

Actors Unscripted is a free talk to connect audience with actors, and to allow actors to freely share without a script. The talk also aims to recognise the value of Singapore’s vast acting talents.

At the inaugural session, Yeo Yann Yann and Chen Tian Wen – whose works range from commercial hits to independent gems in Singapore’s film history – shared insights with their own experiences and views. Attendees were able to find out more about the passions of these household names, their thoughts processes behind their roles and the hopes they have in shaping Singapore’s artistic and cultural terrain.

This session was conducted in Mandarin, and the Chinese name for Actors Unscripted 无本对话 was also conceptualised by Danny Yeo.