Workshop on Events Hosting Skills at Maris Stella High School
Training Room, Level 7, Maris Stella High School
28 & 29 Oct 2014 (Tue & Wed)

Danny Yeo was invited to conduct a 2-day workshop for 16 students who are potential emcees for future events at Maris Stella High School. It was an intensive course during which students were expected to fully participate and also present at every session. Danny felt heartening and very fulfilled having witnessed how all 16 students were transformed within the 16-hour period and emerged more confident, composed and fluent in their hosting skills. Each were able to allow his personality to shine through and excel at doing it “live”.

Maris Stella High School (新加坡海星中学MSHS) is an all-boys Catholic secondary and primary school run by the international Marist Brothers at Mount Vernon Road.

Danny Yeo shared his 20 years of hosting experiences and techniques with the students. Danny often teaches his lessons uniquely in a lighthearted mood, which made it enjoyable for participants no matter their age and experience. The workshops at Maris Stella were effective and filled with fun and laughter at the same time.

All attendees absorbed and learned quickly. They were able to put what they have learned into great use immediately. The entire class attended an awards ceremony on the second day to cheer two fellow classmates on when they hosted the event.

There were significant improvements from all the participants by the end of the 2-day workshop. Something totally impressive and very fulfilling. There was obvious bonding within the group and great energy amongst all too.

Participants included: Russell Koh, Hugo Chia, Nicholas Lee, Wesley Choi, Casper Cheng, Lin Xi Zhuo, Daryl Cheong, Hayden Chua, Cham Yi Tian, Justin See, Chia Eik Chao, Chang Ming Wei, Kianu Tan, Ian Leong and Gerard Dominic Nagulendran.

The students were fairly impressed and surprised that trainer Danny Yeo was able to remember and call out their names by the end of the first session!