Wedding Banquet Celebration Dinner for Li Yuan Hong and Mavis Lin
Planned and organised by Flame Tree Communications
The Ballroom, Fullerton Hotel Singapore
26 Oct 2014 (Sun)

Pure Talents had the privilege of being a part of a joyous celebration – the wedding banquet for Li Yuan Hong and Mavis Lin. Danny Yeo served as the wedding dinner’s event for the happy couple.

The event was planned and organised by our partners at Flame Tree Communications.

Flame Tree Communications has its own in-house multi-generational creative team that includes full-time copy writers, graphic and interior designers as well as marketing specialists. This different array of talents and styles ensures adaptability to cater to a wide range of clients in different industries including those in F&B, Property Development, Construction, Spa & Wellness as well as Travel. Flame Tree also organised massive events such as Teochew Festival, Singapore Heartland Enterprise Award, as well as Natural Cool’s Dinner and Dance event.

The astonishingly talented and stunningly beautiful Joanna Dong performed at the wedding dinner, mesmerising all guests present with her extensive range of repertoire in different languages.