Emcee Training Workshop by Danny Yeo

报名请上网:Emcee Training Workshop by Danny Yeo 杨君伟的专业主持工作坊

Upcoming Pure Talents Academy training workshop* conducted in Mandarin!

* Limited participants 名额有限

Sign Up Online NOW:Emcee Training Workshop by Danny Yeo 杨君伟的专业主持工作坊

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Interactive. Immersive. Participative.
Putting knowledge acquired to actual practice.
Reflective learning experience with real results.

Our trainers at Pure Talents are professionals with rich industrial experiences.
They specialise in these areas:
• Radio, Television, Print Publications
• Speech, Presentation, Communication
• Newsreading, Hosting Skills for the Stage
• Corporate Training, Youth Camps, Theatre Workshops

Pure Talents Training Programmes include:

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“Professional, personable and an abundance of personality are not only Danny Yeo’s key strengths, but the real reason why so many of us enjoy working with him. Having conducted a Presentation Workshop that I attended, I found Danny to be an exceptional speaker who could deftly manage people to bring out the best in them. He has an innate understanding of the media industry and how that translates into deliverables for a client. I highly recommend Danny as your go-to person when looking for a professional partner whose results speak for themselves.”

Marina Mathews, Managing Director, Chrysler Communications

“One on one, a small group or an entire ballroom. Danny knows how to make a connection. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from such an experienced host.”

Steve Lai, Television Presenter/Senior Producer, Channel NewsAsia

“I benefited greatly from Danny’s coaching in the hosting class. What impressed me most about Danny was his patience and the encouragements he gave unselfishly. Ever the gentleman, his corrections and comments are always peppered with grace. Though I am not pursuing hosting as a career now, his teachings still help me tremendously in my business presentations.”

Paul Lee, Lifestyle Photographer

“Danny came across very personable right from the start, in fact it didn’t feel like a class. Things weren’t just black or white neither were there concrete rules and examples. It was a very enjoyable and rolex replica comfortable environment to work and learn in.”

Amanda Tee, Actor/Host