Guest Lecture at Pioneer Junior College 先驱初级学院
Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2014 母语双周
Media, Culture & Living 媒体。文化。生活

Lecture Theatre Three
9 Apr 2014 (Wed)

Danny Yeo was invited by Pioneer Junior College’s Mdm Moh Lee Fair to give a lecture on “Media, Culture and Living”. The lecture theatre was filled with enthusiastic teenage students who were most attentive during Danny’s sharing of his media works, personal background and the story of an interesting episode in Singapore’s recent history.

It was one of Danny’s best experience giving a college lecture during Mother Tongue Language Fortnight in the past few years. The teacher-in-charge provided information prior to the lecture session, and even designed a special questionnaire to aid students in understanding the lecture content.

Many students asked about issues related to media industry and social media, which made the question-and-answer session really interactive and fun. Quite a number of them stayed behind after the lecture to ask for Danny’s autographs and took group photos together with him.