Tip #1: Always come back here to check out for more tips. Humour and practicality both guaranteed.

Tip #7: Re-read your script. Better still, edit it. Audience will see YOU saying it, NOT the scribe.

Tip #8: Check all equipment, even the microphone. Make sure battery’s full. Sorry Mother Earth.

Tip #11: Do a proper sound check or mike test. What’s a monitor? What’s EQ? Attend our workshop to find out.

Tip #15: Thou shall not show thy audience thine a*s ‘cause it’s meant to be at the back-side. Face front.

Tip #18: Never, ever, tap the microphone to test if it’s working. Say “check” instead. Hint for payment.

Tip #25: Find other ways of saying “we’ve got a problem” or “sorry for technical fault”. Fault’s yours.

Tip #26: Find another way of saying what has been repeated zillion times onstage. Cliches can’t find you a date.

Tip #32: Understand your strengths and weaknesses. They are like muscles, in need of flexing and exercising.

Tip #39: Believe in yourself and know that you can do it well. Self-confidence is really important.

Tip #43: Instead of “don’t forget” say “do remember”. Turn negative into positive. It’s all about NLP.

Tip #62: Don’t tell the audience how more pages or slides you have. They would already be counting.

Tip #71: Look at your audience one by one instead of blurring them out as a crowd. Treat each as a friend or a lover, at your preference.

Tip #77: Maintain constant eye contact. Look at who you’re talking to, even if it’s a big audience.

Tip #99: Never steal another person’s ideas or words as if they are your own. The tips here included.